About us

Company profile

Mingdun Plastic Containers Factory, Ltd was established in 2007. Mingdun is not a trading company but a full fledge manufacturer. This allows Mingdun to offer highly-competitive pricing to the global market.

Mingdun was founded by a young, highly- creative entrepreneur, Mr. Hongzheng Yuan. His natural ability in recognizing good aesthetics combined with ingenious manufacturing methods has enable Mingdun to produce the most stylist products in the market.

The Factory

The factory is located in Xinhua Town Huadu District in the city of Guangzhou, China. It is conveniently located just minutes from new Baiyun International Airport (CAN, airport code). Many western hotels and amenities are also nearby, providing the comforts of home while visiting the factory.

The manufacturing facility is over 5000 sq. meters and is well equipped with the latest and well-maintained machines in the industry. The production floor is clean, temperature and humidity controlled. This results in consistent and high-quality part production.

What we do

The company designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of stylist and functional plastic containers for the cosmetic, toiletry, soap & cleaning compound, medicinal, and food industry. It is comprised by a group of seasoned professionals and technical personnel most with bilingual abilities. We have staff members who are able to fluently communicate in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Spanish. The factory floor utilizes the most advanced production methods, equipment, and quality control techniques to produce plastic containers for the global market.

Mingdun achieves high level of quality in our container through extensive preliminary research in design and engineering, needs of the customer, function, and product testing prior to starting mass production.

The company’s core competency: 

Design and production of plastic containers, such as but not limited to Jars, Bottles, Tottles, and Tubes.

The company’s core values:

——      Aesthetic & Functional innovation

——      Customer Satisfaction

——     Integrity & Honesty

——      Respect

——      Exceeding Expectations

——      Results-Oriented

——      Quality

In 2012, one of the key initiatives of Mingdun Plastic Company is to start a U.S. based office to support and service North and South American clients. Services provided by the U.S. office are but not limited to Product Design, Market Research, Product Positioning Studies, Design & Manufacturing Engineer, and close Project Management.